About Me

Who are you? The name’s right up there. Yes, yes it is, right up there ↑.

What can you do?

Research writing, academic writing, general transcription, social media services, virtual assistant services and much more. You name it, I can do it. If I can’t do it, I’ll make sure to find someone who does it well, and refer him/her over to you FREE of charge.

Why do you charge $XX more than [insert name here] at oDesk?

Would you rather receive a terrible, illegible and unoptimized 300-word article for $2, or would you rather get a real, professionally written, search engine optimized 1000-word article that will drive traffic, conversions and sales with FREE, UNLIMITED revisions for $25? I thought so…

Is your service REALLY better than everybody else’s? I know somebody who has X number of good testimonials, and you only have Y.

Well, I dunno if my service is REALLY better than everybody else’s. For one thing, I haven’t seen everybody else’s. For another, how much do testimonials matter? I have a total of 15 customer testimonials (growing steadily every day), and EVERY SINGLE ONE is 100% positive. Not a single negative one yet. But still, what does that mean? How do you know that I’m gonna deliver the same quality of service to you that I give to all my other customers?

You don’t know that. Despite any number of money-back guarantees and such you see from other users on the web, you just never know if they will rip you off. The only thing for you to do is try. If you’re a first-time customer, I suggest purchasing a small service from me (like a $5 gig). That way, if you don’t like my work (which I assure you, will never happen as long as I breathe) you wouldn’t have wasted a high amount of money. But that’s never gonna happen, because I offer unlimited revisions and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. There’s no way that I will ever deliver an order that is half-done or that I completed half-heartedly. That’s my personal guarantee (but you STILL don’t know if that guarantee is really valid until you hire my services).

What kinds of writing do you specialize in?

My writing specializes in the following fields: IM (internet marketing), SEO, religion, social media, advertising, top 10 lists, etc. Read more about my writing here.

Do you offer copywriting services?

Not at this time, unfortunately. However, I am studying the art and I should have mastered it pretty soon. Subscribe to the newsletter or send me an e-mail if you would like to know exactly when I get that skill into my repertoire.

What’s with the red pandas?

Hey. Don’t diss those pandas.

Can I get in touch with you via phone?

No, unfortunately you can’t. I don’t give out personal details or info to any single customer. However, I will readily converse with you via e-mail, and we can work something else out if need be.

How much do you charge?

This depends on the project type. However, I do have a few standard rates for a few of my project types:

TRANSCRIPTION: $5 per 10 minutes, an extra $5 per 20 minutes if a special format is necessary.

WRITING: $0.025 per word (two and a half cents per word) IF the topic does not require very much in-depth research. If it does require in-depth research, $0.03 per word. Prices are subject to change. Please contact me explaining your order before purchasing a writing service from me so we can discuss the topic together.

RESEARCH: $5 to research enough material for a 1000 word project. $10 for a 2000 word project, and so forth. Again, prices may vary depending on the difficulty of research; please contact me. You can view a complete list of the services I offer by clicking here.

How do you accept payments?

You can either purchase my services through Fiverr or eLance, but I don’t recommend it (see why below). Direct payment is preferred, and PayPal if at all possible. Due to being scammed/ripped off/suckered in the past, I REQUIRE 50% of the agreed total before delivery, and 50% after delivery. This way, both you and I can avoid losing our shirts.

Unless you can show me proof that you or your company is a reputable and trusted across the Internet, I have to use the above method for payment. I appreciate you understanding. For direct orders, please contact me here and explain to me the nature of the order, as well as your budget. I will respond very soon (within 24 hours) stating whether I can complete the job, when it will be finished, and whether your budget is acceptable.

Do you prefer direct payment or payment via one of the freelance programs (ex: Fiverr, eLance)?

Both you and I will prefer direct payment. Why? Because eLance charges you an EXTRA percentage if you do hire me from there, while Fiverr takes a 20% cut if you purchase one of my gigs. Bottom line: I appreciate it very much if we can work out a direct payment method (PayPal preferred).

Do you trade services? I.e. you write me an article, I give you backlinks to your website(s)?

Yes, but that depends on the service type. Nine times out of ten, we’ll be able to work something out.

Does that do it? If you do need more info, just take a visit to the contact me page and drop me a note. Here’s to red pandas across the world.  


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