List of Available Services

Here’s a comprehensive list of the services that I offer at this time. For some projects, rates will vary. To get an idea of how much an order would cost, please contact me here and explain the project nature to me, when you need it by and what your budget is (or how much you think the result would be worth to you).

The maximum duration is the max amount of time I will take to deliver the order. Usually, I will have the order completed within 24 hours, but please keep the max duration in mind.

For a few of these, I have customer testimonials, while some are un-reviewed. ALL, however, are quality services guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction.

To purchase the services, click here and follow the instructions.

DISCOUNT AVAILABLE! I’m currently offering an awesome discount. If you purchase over $50 of my writing service (that’s 2000 words) you’re automatically eligible for a FREE 500-word on article on any topic!

Transcription – general transcription at this time ONLY. Very helpful for anybody with interviews, speeches or the like that they need transcribed manually. I don’t leave it up to some sort of crazy automated machine that makes 20% errors. Click here to view the reviews of my transcription gig on Fiverr.
RATE: $5 per 10 minutes of transcription.
MAX DURATION: 24 hours per 20 minutes of audio.

Writing – all types of writing. If necessary, I can also do keyword research and optimize your article for search engines (particularly Google) FREE of charge.
RATE: $0.025 per word if extensive research is not required, $0.03 if extensive research is required. If you are unsure about your topic, please e-mail in.
MAX DURATION: 24 hours per 500 words.

Manual Social Bookmarking – I will submit your webpage/website to 20 social media and social bookmarking sites. All of these are submitted manually and create high quality backlinks. For YouTube URLs, I can only submit to 10 social media and bookmarking sites.
RATE: $10 per webpage submission (each webpage is submitted to the same 20 sites). $5 for a YouTube submission.
MAX DURATION: 24 hours per 20 sites.

Article REwrites – I can REwrite, not write, an article. This is helpful for article directory and web 2.0 submissions. The article will be completely unique and will pass Copyscape 100%.
RATE: $0.01 (one cent) per word. Ex: $10 for a 1000 word rewrite, $20 for a 2000 word rewrite. Standard rates as mentioned.
MAX DURATION: 24 hours per 1000 words.

Proofreading/Content Editing – I can edit, proofread and revise your article back to proper, impeccable English. I have excellent English skills and I look forward to using them when working with you.
RATE: $0.01 (one cent) per word.
MAX DURATION: 24 hours per 1000 words.

Product Descriptions – I can write or rewrite your product descriptions. Product descriptions are usually no higher than 200 words, and the average is approximately 150. A good product description will entice more prospective buyers/clients, therefore heightening your conversion rates and sales.
RATE: $0.02 per word. Click here for reviews.
MAX DURATION: 24 hours per 10 product descriptions.

Song Download – I will legally download songs from you. They will be downloaded LEGALLY and will not carry any copyright infringement whatsoever.
RATE: $2.50 per 10 songs, or $10 per 50 songs (discount on 50 songs or above). Please note that this is much cheaper than iTunes or any other alternative. Read a review of this service here.
MAX DURATION: 24 hours per 10 songs.

MS Excel Graph Creation –  I will construct a graph(s) with provided sets of data in Microsoft Excel. The graph will look very professional, and I can also accommodate any color scheme you wish for. Furthermore, I can also manipulate the data for desired effects.
RATE: Please e-mail in before purchase in order to get a price quote. Read a review here.
MAX DURATION: 48 hours per graph.

OnPage SEO Services (Keyword Research, Optimization) – I can optimize PAGES of your website. However, please note that I cannot edit HTML or such at this time; I only offer content editing services for better page/post optimization.
RATE: $0.01 (one cent) per word or a steady rate of $10 per post/page.
MAX DURATION: 24 hours per post.

Disclaimer: I do NOT and will NOT write in adult topics/niches. Please do not contact me with related questions.

If you need references to people who can complete services OTHER than the ones mentioned above, I would be happy to give you references free of charge. Simply e-mail in.

Read about HOW TO PURCHASE my services directly from this website if you have not done so before.


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